I’m Gary Readhead,

Lead Developer








Work Experience

Before concentrating on web development, which I studied at City Varsity, specialising in PHP development, I worked as a plumber, photographer, musician, voice artist and a sound engineer.

After graduating top of my final-year class, I had the good sense to concentrate on WordPress, and went on to lecture at both City Varsity and at Word Camp.

I specialise in front-end and back-end technologies like JQuery, Object Oriented Programming and Ajax.

I’m a devoted family man with two young daughters who enjoys cycling when not coding or parenting. Which is not very often!

When I’m not working

  • I enjoy spending time with my family
  • I love having a good braai
  • I love spending time by the sea
  • Guns are a passion
  • I also eat a lot of pies

What I love about what I do

  • The code
  • The challenges
  • The rewards
  • The people
  • The technology

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