Machete Creative 23 May, 2022 Ke Poyurs

I’m Ke Poyurs,

Digital Copywriter & Strategist


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Work Experience

I’m a twenty something creative with a bent for the experimental and penchant for off-the-wall ideas. A polite way of saying that I’m nearly 30, but don’t really act like it.

I’m passionate about crafting words and images, and I specialise in copywriting, graphic design and photography, with a focus on branding and marketing. Which pretty much makes me an all-in-one content generation machine.

Though I studied photography at both a trade school and CPUT, and worked as a freelance photographer for The Iziko Heritage Museum, MCQP and a few non-profit organisations, my professional start truly came at Groupon South Africa, which I joined as a copywriter just a few months after its founding.

At Groupon, I got my taste for content marketing and social media, and rose quickly from Junior Copywriter to Head of Special Projects, where I was in charge of content marketing, training and other marketing efforts.

After nearly five years in the pressure-cooker of Groupon, I moved to lusher, more overgrown pastures at Machete, where I hack through social media and digital marketing on a daily basis, including Facebook and Google PPC campaign strategy and implementation.

When I’m not working

  • I really enjoy reading – both high-fantasy fiction and educational blogs
  • I love looking after and spending time with my pet snakes
  • I also watch way too many Youtube videos
  • Mostly I’m at home, just chilling

What I love about what I do

  • Analysing statistics and figuring out ways to improve campaigns
  • Watching my client’s audience grow
  • Constantly learning ways to improve the way we do things
  • The chance to experience the digital revolution first hand
  • Knowing your ideas have helped a business grow