I’m Kim O’Connor,









Work Experience

I’ve been working in accounts for about 16 years, and have worked at various audit and accounting firms performing much the same function as I do now at Machete.

Though I enjoy my work, I also enjoy being creative and learning new skills. I’m very good at problem-solving, and am known for being conscientious, patient and my ability to teach.

I love being involved in the planning phase of companies, setting up systems and training staff.

When I’m not working

  • I enjoy socialising with close family and friends at home
  • I also enjoy being in nature and regularly take my dogs for runs in the forest
  • I’ve completed courses in advanced scuba diving and rock climbing
  • If I had a lighter mountain bike, I think I might enjoy that more

What I love about what I do

  • Interacting with clients and their staff and the variety of people that I meet
  • Sense of accomplishment in completing a job.
  • Variety of businesses and industries that I can learn about.
  • Training clients and their staff
  • Creating procedures framework around the accounting function for clients

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