I’m Linde Ndaba,

SEO & Digital Copywriter


Copywriting TTL0

Social Media Management 0

Paid Media0


Brand Strategy/Management 0

Work Experience

Having completed a BA specialising in PPE, I started my career at Young & Rubicam, before moving to CVC Africa Media as a Content Producer and Presenter. In 2010, I took the opportunity to pursue my passion for soccer, and worked as a football commentator during the FIFA World Cup South Africa.

After a brief spell in Parliament – as a translator – I focused on my interest in the field of digital and social marketing, and joined Machete in 2015, where I currently work in social media strategy and SEO.

When I’m not working

  • I’m an active feminist, and an avid reader and writer
  • I’m often reading about issues on gender equality or writing about them
  • Hikes and outdoor activities are a good way for me to relax and escape

What I love about what I do

  • Writing
  • Working on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Engaging with different people
  • Multi-media marketing experience
  • Working with an amazing team

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