I’m Nasif Salaam,

Digital Designer





Playing Titanfall II0

Work Experience

I’m passionate about learning new things and creating work that people can enjoy using and viewing. In my 13 years of work as a designer, I was responsible for gradually taking all of Musica’s design work in-house at a time when it was being outsourced to Jupiter Drawing Room. When I moved on after four years, all of their design work was done in-house – by me, mainly. After my time at Musica, I decided to go freelance, working for companies like Sprout PR, Clicks and UCT.

Professionally, I would say I’m known for meeting and exceeding client expectations, as well as a very clean and neat design style. Now I spend more time on designing websites and have become deeply interested in UI. I love interpreting clients’ ideas and creating a visual solution, and I hope to be remembered as someone who helps others. I’m a family man, and gaming in my spare time, and I probably couldn’t live without my mountain bike!

When I’m not working

  • Spending time with the family and seeing my kids grow up.
  • Spending time outdoors on my mountain bike.
  • Playing PS4.


What I love about what I do

  • Learning
  • Solving problems
  • Being creative


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