Machete Creative 7 Aug, 2021 Patti Nel

I’m Patti Nel,

Production Manager





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Work Experience

I’ve been managing Machete’s sometimes unbelievable printing and media deadlines for over 15 years, heading up production and media coordination.

I make sure deadlines are met and keep the studio on its toes. I’ve worked in reception and front-of-house as well, and because I apparently thrive on stress, I’m also the mother of a teenager and a toddler!

When I’m not working

  • I love spending time outdoors
  • I really enjoy family time
  • I love spending time and going for walks with my dog
  • Baking and cooking are also passions of mine

What I love about what I do

  • Watching projects come together
  • Working with creatives and such a colourful team
  • The challenge of tight deadlines
  • Every day brings a different challenge
  • This job keeps you on your toes